Dodgy Russian gobbles up another piece of Arsenal pie.

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Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov, likes the thrill of the hunt, he has upped his stake in Arsenal to 23%. Usmanov’s investment company ,Red and White Holdings Limited, is now the Gunners’ second biggest shareholder. We already know that Peter Hill-Wood isn’t exactly chuffed about this eastern European hungry hippo slowly but inexorably eating his way through Arsenal shares.

A statement read:

“Red and White Holdings Limited today announces, in accordance with its intentions stated on August 30, that it has increased its shareholding and now holds a 23% stake in Arsenal Holdings plc,”

Although the fact that once any individual or company reaches the 30 per cent threshold, they would be required to launch an official takeover, points to Usmanov grabbing power, it is thought that they aren’t planning an imminent takeover.

Arsenal fans must be wondering why this shady figure is putting his considerably large frame into the ring, after all Arsene Wenger has sad umpteen times that he doesn’t need money, and the club are flying high financially and crucially on the field. Will this weighty Russians presence upset the perfect balance they currently have on the field?