Martin Jol’s Tottenham Boast #1: No Manager Could Have Done Better Than Me, Not Even Mourinho

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The Sun has woken us all up today with a glaring foghorn of a story, according to fiction department the wise sages  at The Sun:

“MARTIN JOL hit back at the Spurs board last night, roaring: I’m better than Jose Mourinho!”

Jol puffed out his chest and exclaimed:

“No one could have done better than me here — not even Mourinho. I have to cope with the situation I am in. I have to come up with the goods and that is what I did.”

Ex-Chelsea boss Mourinho won five trophies whilst at Stamford Bridge, whereas Martin Jol is still frantically hunting for his debut trophy with Spurs. But Jol’s comments could be a veiled swipe at the board, warning them that should they sack him, they would be hard pressed to find anyone better.

Jol continued:

“To be fifth in the league with Spurs two seasons running is not bad — it’s very good! There are football people on our board and I think they realise it otherwise they probably would have made a decision already. I feel top five was probably more than we would have expected when I started.”

So is Jol right to be tooting his own horn about his league performances. He got 5th with the 5th best squad, surely if a manager was to overachieve at Tottenham they could have won 1 match more they needed to finish 4th two seasons ago or 3 matches to finish 4th last season (two if you count beating Arsenal for once). And no mention of their atrocious for in the Cups, then again getting knocked out by Grimsby and Leicester isn’t anything you’d want to scream from the rooftops with your job on the line. Is this Jol’s last gambit with the board, telling them that they wouldn’t be able to do any better, or is this the best the Spurs squad could have achieved under any manager?

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