Mourinho played Russian Roulette with Russian Billionaire, Smart Man.

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Rather like challenging Oliver Reed to a drinking contest, playing Russian roulette with a Russian Billionaire is never advisable, but that is exactly what Mourinho did according to The Independent.

The Independent’s Jason Burt writes:

“Jose Mourinho left Chelsea after a chance meeting with Roman Abramovich in which he dared the club’s owner to sack him. Although his departure had been brewing for almost a year, with Mourinho threatening to quit and Abramovich considering when to sack him, events unravelled in a matters of hours last week. It shows just how low – and how petty – relations between the two men had become.”

The Independent’s sources say that the two passed each other in a Stamford Bridge corridor after their 1-1 draw with Rosenborg. Abramovich apparently told Mourinho how disappointed he was and that he thought the team ‘could do better’ (one would hope so). Mourinho, offended by these remarks apparently fired back with: “If you are not happy with me, then just sack me,” Abramovich then said that if he wanted to go he could go – Mourinho agreed and he left.

Such a small bitchy way of disposing of your manager, would be surprising at any other club, but this is Roman Abramovich’s club, so the matter of a few million in severance pay is nothing to him. The fact that cocksure Mourinho dared Roman to sack him, and then was summarily told that he was welcome to go…which he did…all in a coridoor at Stamford Bridge, seems ridiculous…