Albert Luque: I Moved To Newcastle For The Money

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Former Newcastle striker Albert Luque, the biggest waste of 7.5 million since we burned that much earlier this morning for warmth, has explained how he ended up at the club in the first place and shed some light on the amazing transfer policy Freddie Sheperd had in place,

“I gave Newcastle a negative reply when they called,” he explained to Voetbal International.

“I was having a great time at Depor, (but) they came in with an offer too good to refuse.

“I had a talk with then-chairman, Freddie Shepherd, and told him how much I wanted to earn. It was a ludicrous amount but he didn’t bat an eyelid.

“I was going to earn lots and lots of money at a club I had never paid any attention to before and move to a town I knew nothing about,” he said.

So much for the idea Luque came to Newcastle because the Toon Army’s reputation spanned the globe and probably explains why other big names like Damien Duff and Michael Owen have chosen the club despite it not winning anything since 2000 B.C.