Are West Brom the most exciting team in the entire World?

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Everyone loves a bit of West Brom. We’re not sure why, but Adrian Chiles wrote a book about it so it must be true.

Everyone also loves is a bit of Tony Mowbray, who looks like the world’s most boring middle-manager but manages with a philosphy that Kevin Keegan failed because he was a bit too conservative.

After letting in four in the half an hour in mid-week they dispatched QPR (who are, admittedly, rubbish) 5-1 on Sunday. And with two goals, Kevin Phillips (no really, he’s still going) proved he still has it. Tony Mowbray was cetainly pleased:

“Kevin is an example every day on the training pitch. He’s right at the front of it at the age of 34.”

Being at the front is of course an advantage for a striker and it is this sort of knowledge that makes Phillips the best player ever to play in the Championship, well that’s what we think anyway. You got any better ideas?