Avram Grant Still Enjoys Support Of Clearly Mad Chelsea Owner, But Should He?

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The Sun is reporting that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has issued an edict that caretaker cadaver Avram Grant is here to stay. Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Fulham, a result that would have certainly led to blood curdling cries from Abramovich of “Off With His Head!!”, if Mourinho was still in charge, didn’t phase the Russian one bit…well maybe just a tad.

A Chelsea source apparently said:

“The directors got wind of the players’ initial reaction to Grant’s appointment. Some were invited to individual meetings and told Grant is in charge for the long term and has Roman’s full support. They were also told to expect a lot of stories that he would only be around for a little while and someone else was coming in. But it was made very clear that, as far as the owner is concerned, Grant is the future of Chelsea. Even if results are bad he will be given the chance to succeed and there will be no knee-jerk reaction.”

Hmm, knee-jerk – wouldn’t that be the way you got rid of your last manager after a chance meeting in a corridor? At any rate, sorry Chelsea fans, Avram “Braaaains….” Grant is here to stay…for now.