John Gregory Sacked By QPR, He’s A Tottenham Fan So Conspiracy Theorists Take Note

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Journeyman manager and brylcream addict John Gregory will be packing his bags once more as he leaves Loftus Road for the last time.

In an entirely predicatble move, the combination terrible results, a vote of confidence and a board that is richer than a chocolate eclair has meant that Gregory will again be buying some candy floss and getting on the managerial merry-go-round.

QPR chairman Gianni Paladani said:

The permances and results this season have not met with our expectations. The league table does not lie”

Before asking a copy of the Serie A table “Whose the fairest of them all?”

So who will be spending Bernie and Flavio’s billions? Paul Jewell? Neil Warnock? Jose Mourinho?

Then again, John Gregory is one of the most publicly open Spurs fans around and the club sure loves anyone willing to kiss the badge and create a bit of good PR. Although hiring a crap coach is probably the opposite.