Ronaldo Laughs At Roma But Manchester United Are Wary Of Revenge

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Tonight’s game between Manchester United and Roma sees the two teams meet for the first time since United thrashed Roma 7-1 in April in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. Unsurprisingly the stench of hot air and empty threats is swirling around. And no bets for thinking what flash Portuguese winger wants to say his tuppence worth.

The Roma players are obviously still licking their wounds; Christian Panucci described that night as the ‘worst of my career’, and Roma’s keeper Doni said:

“That night changed our relationship with our fans.They still have not fully forgiven us. I have spoken with some of them recently and that much is clear. The 7-1 scoreline is imprinted in the minds of our supporters and that is why they are demanding we return this week and bring home a positive score for them.”

So Roma, clearly a tad bitter about events that night, are out for revenge, even Sir Alex said so. Ferguson said:

“I think there’s a big motivation for them. I’ve seen some of the Italian papers and it’s all about revenge.That’s understandable after the defeat last year. They will want to turn that scoreline around.”

Ronaldo isn’t so worried and even gave us an embarrassing insight into their last game against Roma. Ronaldo (taking time out from ogling himself in a mirror) said:

“I often get some comments from opposition players that bring a smile to my face. It happened during the last match against Roma when we were already winning 6-0. ‘Don’t do any more dribbles, you are already winning by six,’ said one of them, almost begging.”

Rooney meanwhile has sided with his manager in thinking that the Italians will be out for revenge. Rooney said:

“I’d be delighted as soon as I saw the draw if I was them. I’d be pleased to have an opportunity to try to make it right so soon after. If it was me I’d be rubbing my hands and wouldn’t be able to wait for the game.I’m sure they’ll be fired up for this match more than any other after last season’s result, so we’ll have to be aware of that and just concentrate.”