Should Tottenham’s Fightback Against Aston Villa Save Martin Jol’s Job?

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Yesterday Tottenham, 4-1 down with just over twenty minutes left on the clock, dug deep into their reserves of spurs-ishness and guts and dragged themselves back to 4-4, courtesy of a injury-time equaliser from Younes Kaboul. After this goal a majority of the Spurs team raced like a herd of rampant joyous wilderbeast towards their gaffer Martin Jol. Defeat might have launched another stab in the front attack from the board, Jol himself said :

“I don’t even want to think about it if we would have lost.”

But victory appears to have galvanized the Spurs team, Robbie Keane said:

“You should have seen him when we scored the goal. He had the support from everyone. He’s shown what a good manager he is over the past couple of years. To come back from 4-1 down is unbelievable. You talk about dead and buried but we showed lots of character. That’s what we have in this team.”

Jol dismissed any focus on his job security saying it was “not about me” , instead Jol said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in a game like this.I don’t know what to feel. It was awful but on the other hand it was a big celebration at the end. We came back from the death and that was a big positive. We could have won it at the end.”

Following on with his one classic quote per game regimen, Jol said :

“My family are all in the Marines and a commander never leaves his troops. If he does that he’s lost. I kept my head cool.”

Have no fear, Marine Jolly is here!

Fighting back from 4-1 down at home is a great feat, but is being down 4-1  at home even worse?