Crystal Palace Fans Are A Bit Unhappy With Peter Taylor

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It’s sacking season and chairmen have got a hankering for some sackering.

Sorry for the Simpsons mis-quote but Caught Offside has been working it’s way through the boxset recently. Another man who may have time to watch 15 seasons of animated US sitcom in one sitting will be Peter ‘I made Beckham captain you know’ Taylor, who looks to be on his way out at Crystal Palace after a turgid performance at Plymouth last night. They lost 1-0 by the way.

On Palace messageboard The Holmesdale Online ‘The Peter Taylor Dissatifaction thread’ has reached 34 pages (do people not have jobs to do and families to look after?) and mainly it is stuff like this by Paulkida (youngsters look away now):

“Going to Plymouth for a draw? hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha it’s a f***ing joke, PLYMOUTH oooo that big impressive team, FFS what is he thinking?

I’m afraid he needs to go, and it’s only a matter of time now I think. He’s had too many chances and it goes to show we’re not improving”

Apart from the fact that Paulkida needs to wash his mouth out with soap, what can we take from all this? That anyone can look good with England under-21s but doing a proper job isn’t so easy.