Is Paul Robinson The Victim Or The Cause Of Tottenham’s Defensive Woes?

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After a gaffe laden game against Aston Villa in what has been basically a gaffe laden season, does Paul Robinson really deserve to keep playing for Spurs? Sky Sports reports that ‘Robbo’ has shipped 16 goals in 8 Premier League games, a shocking statistic that has rocked the world of Fantasy Football, where some peoples seasons have been destroyed by Robinson, less a goalkeeper and more of a one man “meet & greet” welcoming committee to potential goalscorers.
But former Spurs nutjob Graham Roberts thinks that the blame has to be shared. Roberts said :

“I would think Paul Robinson’s having nightmares at the moment because of the team playing in front of him. And that’s not just the back four, but the whole midfield and defence – you have to stop teams having shots at goal. I can remember, going back a few years, teams coming to Tottenham would have, maybe, five or six shots at goal. Now they’re getting 20 or 30.”

In light of Roberts claims that “The whole team needs to learn to defend properly and help Paul Robinson out.” but many fans and pundits back the theory that the keeper sets the tone and confidence of his defense. So is Robbo the victim or the cause?