Most Disappointing Player This Season: Tottenham Strikers? Manchester United Wonderkids? Everton’s Yak?

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So we have an Idiot of the Week item here at COS, but who is the cretin of the season so far? For every Ronaldo there is a Van Der Meyde, and for every Rooney a Franny Jeffers. It could be a new signings that has failed to live up to the price tag, a young talent who hasn’t developed, or someone who has struggled to match their form from last year. With Yakubu’s work rate looking even worse than when he was at Middlesbrough, Darren Bent barely getting a chance at Spurs, Andriy Schevchenko showing everyone that Jose Mourinho wasn’t the problem and Manchester United’s pair of wonderkids looking less than wonderful – now seems the perfect time to open up the question…

Who has been the biggest disappointment this season?

With all the flops loitering around the list is potentially endless, so who do you think is the biggest waste of space in the Premier League this season? Remember, go ahead and pick your own players as well as others.