Rafa Benitez Is Unhappy With Liverpool Striker

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Has Peter Crouch been too busy reading comics during Rafa’s tactical sessions? Why doesn’t he know about the Benitez Lunar Calendar? Time to stop living with your head in the clouds (literally) Mr Crouch, rotation is part of life at Anfield. If you don’t like it try living life across the park at Goodison where players literally have to beg on their hands and knees for respite and substitution.

Last week Crouch blamed his lack of form on Rafa’s Lunar Calendar rotation policy, big mistake. Crouch is messing with a man not only in the midst of a debilitating mid-life crisis, but also someone who has no qualms about shipping out deadwood, he even dispensed with his bessie mate Pako Ayesteran this season, so he surely won’t pause for a nanosecond in booting Crouch out. Rafa said:

“I don’t want to lose a player because he doesn’t understand the requirements here. I want to bring the best out of him, for his sake as well as the team’s”

The Daily Mail gives us the lowdown as Rafa yet again outlines his rotation policy. Rafa sighed:

“When you are part of a top team you don’t want excuses from any of your players. You want them to be ready to give their best whenever they are called on. I know players work really hard on the training pitch all week and want to show everyone what they can do on match day. I know they get frustrated when they are denied the opportunity. I understand that but they have to understand it is the nature of the modern game.”

Rafa then reiterated for the umpteenth time, that they are going for all the big trophies :

“If you are in a top side, chasing all the major trophies, you have to be ready for all the games even if you don’t play in them all. You will play in some and you have to make sure you are focused when you do, just like Yossi Benayoun was at Wigan on Saturday when he came on and scored the winner.”

So it looks like Crouch has a stark choice, be a good boy like Benayoun or find somewhere else to punt a football around.

But it sounds more and more like Crouch could be coming to the end of his time at Liverpool, any takers?