The Unstoppable Combination Of Aidy Boothroyd, Watford And Their Prozone

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Adrian ‘call me Aidy’ Boothroyd continued his dastardly plan to make Waford into a yo-yo club for the 21st century as they beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 last night to stay top of the Championship. Darius Henderson and Marlon King scored for the Hornets but they were a bit rubbish in the second half (apparently, we didn’t watch it to be honest), it’s just lucky they were playing the even more rubbish Wednesday.

“We’ve got some very good individuals but we only play as a team intermittently. That will come from time on the pitch but it bodes well to be top when we’re not playing particularly well. We are on schedule for our points target.”

Said Boffin Boothroyd before returning to his laptop to look at a spreadsheet of players body mass index in his reserve side.

Watford may be on target to get back to the Premier League, but it’ll take a lot more than being a statto to stay there.