Chelsea Fans Have Gone Quiet, But Does Anyone Feel Sorry For them?

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Everton madman Edward considers what a difference a few months can make in football.

It’s all gone quiet over there – and by over there I mean Stamford Bridge. Are there any Chelsea Fans around any more? More than comfortable with grandiose statements Chelsea claim to have a UK fanbase at around four million, and yet a paltry 24,973 turned up for what turned out to be Jose Mourinho’s last game and when they won the title for the first time since the 1950’s they only sold 20,000 dvds(!) I lost all respect for Chelsea after a game against them in the late 90’s – “feck off back to Scotland!” uttered a toff in tweed, after John Collins tackled Uruguayan Gus Poyet – their fans are the footballing equivalent of ambulance chasing lawers – every time the ball was touched by Collins from then on the aforementioned toff wailed “Break his legs Chels!!!!’

But my hatred isn’t based on this nasty experience – it is based on their history, or lack of, 3 titles in their existence, throughout the 70’s they were an effete dilettante team with teased hairstyles , off the pitch they were hooligans – I have no problem with underdogs – but the way Chelsea struggled , then suddenly won the lottery in terms of money, all the time ripping on teams in exactly the same situation disgusts me.

So I’d really like to know if there are any Chelsea fans out there – or are you all too ashamed to speak now that your club has been exposed as a shambolic mess and the toy of a billionaire? I’m not ashamed of Everton, no matter how abysmal their results. We could lose 5-0 tonight and I’ll still be wearing my scarf to work tomorrow. So where is the Chelsea loyalty? Dried up in the face of Avbramovich’s crapulous appointment? It’s a pity – not for Chelsea , frankly who cares if they are destroyed, its not as if they have ever meant anything. It is a pity for the Premier League, in that Abramovich has ushered in a motley crew of others who have an endless supply of money but are lacking in morals; Shinawatra and Usmanov to name but two.