Chelsea’s Ashley Cole Is Much Happier Away From Arsenal, Where People Speak English

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Cashley Cole’s wife Cheryl, a popstar and “Superbabe” by profession, has revealed to the Daily Mail the grevious torment that undervalued Cashley had to endure whilst at Arsenal.

When asked whether Cashley missed life at Arsenal Mrs Cashley replied:

“Not any more, he loves it at Chelsea now. It got to the stage at Arsenal where he couldn’t even have a conversation in the dressing room because nobody spoke English. He started getting paranoid because he had no idea if they were talking about him, or what was going on.”

Mrs Cashley obviously thinks life is much better for her husband at Chelsea, she said:

“Whereas at Chelsea he has John Terry and Frank Lampard, and he gets on brilliantly with them. I think things changed for Ashley when Patrick Vieira left. He was really upset and that hurt. The team spirit dwindled a bit after that, and he would come home unhappy. It’s not easy mentally being unable to talk properly to your team-mates.”

But life with the Cole’s isn’t all sweetness and light, she was very damning of her husband’s now legendary passage in his book about nearly crashing his car with the shock of the derisory offer he had just received. Mrs Cashley said:

“He shouldn’t have written it, I told him that. It was a big mistake because it was written out of frustration and anger, and the way the media interpreted it made him sound awful.”

What is obvious is that poor Cashley has is a very shy and emotional boy, prone to bouts of paranoia when the ‘foreigners’ start speaking in their own language, now though he is nicely ensconced at Stamford Bridge, which is of course noted for being English through and through….