Sheffield United Think Bryan Robson Just Needs More Time?

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When Bryan Robson joined Sheffield United in the summer it was soundtracked by guffawing around the country, as one of the great lower-league managers ever made way for one of the worst. What did Sheffield United know that we didn’t? Perhaps it was the fact that Brian Kidd would keep Robbo on the straight and narrow? They obviously hasn’t read Fergie’s summation of Kidd as the sort of idiot that would sign Hartson over Yorke if he was given the option.

Anyway, we digress, today United chairman Kevin McCabe came out to say:

We have a very good manager and assistant manager and we must quit this blame culture and support them. It’s taking more time than we all want to get things right but I’ve no doubt that they’ll get it right this season.”

Of course he did, he hasn’t got much option, there is no way he can sack Robbo till at least Christmas. When he will, mark our words, he will.