Idiot of the week: AC Milan’s Dida versus Celtic fan

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The Idiot of the Week is so fluorescently obvious, like a nausea inducing goalkeeper’s kit, that the Brazilian clown’s name hardly warrants mentioning – it is the one and only Dida. We am not in any way condoning the fan that gallivanted around the pitch like a pugnacious David Pleat but the Brazilian’s reaction was obviously a farce. Up until now the gold standard for such fakery has been Rivaldo, waiting at the corner flag for a football, fell clutching his face when a ball was booted to him at hip level by a Turkish player.

This is far worse, this was clearly premeditated, but its execution was akin to a Croydon amateur dramatic society. When Dida was hit by a flare in the Inter-AC Champions League quarter-final in the San Siro three years ago, UEFA awarded Milan a 3-0 ‘walkover’ win. Clearly this was on his mind in the tiny amount of time between the Celtic fans’ slap, and Dida hitting the deck. Scott McDonald’s winner was almost the last touch of the game and cheating Dida clearly felt his ‘dying swan’ act and subsequent stretchering off could garner favour with the UEFA bigwigs.

Celtic’s prompt punishment of the fan (a life ban) yesterday, as well as the fact that the Rossoneri wont be taking any action themselves means that Dida’s cynical act probably wont result in a points deduction, but this idiotic act by Dida will stick in the mind for a long time.