Leeds Boss And Legendary Nutter Is A Nice Guy After All

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It seems ages ago that Leeds were 15 points adrift at the bottom of League One, and who is to thank for that? Well, you might say it’s September’s manager of the month – the man known only as Little Dennis Wise – but Wisey is much more humble than that:

We’re all a group. It’s not just staff, players and fans. Everyone involved with this club – we’re all in this together.”

Will he be sharing around your victory bottle of Coca-Cola then? Wise, who last season was about as popular with Leeds fans as you would expect a former Chelsea midfielder brought in by Ken Bates to be, is now the best thing to happen to Leeds United since the rather wonderful novel The Damned United.

The question now is not whether Leeds will go up, but if Wise will win a clean sweep on Manager of the Months and rot his teeth on fizzy drinks.