Is There A Place For Nicolas Anelka At Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea?

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After surprisingly remaining at the Reebok through the summer transfer window, Bolton striker Nicolas Anelka is still waiting for one of Europe’s elite to come calling once again after stints at Arsenal and Liverpool didn’t work out for different reasons. Interestingly, Anelka doesn’t list Rafa Benitez’ side as one he would return to but seems open to working with Arsene Wenger once again,

Of course I still have ambition,” he said in the Guardian.

“It’s a long time that I have been waiting for a big club. I’m not about to hide it; it’s the truth. I know my game and I know my qualities.

“I know all the players who are at Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona and I know I’m at their level.

“I’ve played with them and I know I don’t have anything less than them. It’s just the fact that I have to play and wait, I have to have a lot of patience. I’ve been waiting so there it is.”

Anelka is still a top quality player and, respect to Bolton, his talents deserve a showcase at the top end of the table. We’d be surprised if he makes it through the January transfer window given Bolton’s poor league form but with most of the Big Four quite happy with their men up front, ol’ grumpy may have to make do with a move abroad or to a smaller team.