Does Drawing With Liverpool Mean That Tottenham Have Turned The Corner?

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Sccccreeeech!!!!! – Is that the sound of Tottenham turning the proverbial corner? Robbie Keane certainly thinks so – especially after Sunday’s display when a resurgent Tottenham grabbed a draw from the jaws of victory. Spurs are unhappy with the draw though and think they were good value for the three points , surely a sign that a change in their fortunes will change.

Keane was quoted on the official Spurs website as saying :

“Obviously we should have won the game and I think overall we were the better team. We played some great football at times and it was our best performance away from home for a while. There are not many times that teams come to Anfield, get a draw and come away disappointed. That was the case for us, but you can see the improvement from us in the last four or five games.”

And this noticeable upturn in Spurs results, or at least move from losing to drawing, could have been marked by a victory at Anfield if it wasn’t for Fernando Torres’ last minute-party pooper header – itself a result of Spurs deciding to invite Liverpool to attack them for 30 minutes straight.

An optimistic Robbie Keane continued:

“Okay, we haven’t won a lot of games, but we haven’t been beaten either. You can see it is coming for us, we’re just gutted to have conceded in the last minute.You never think it is over until it is, especially at Anfield, but the way the game was going I thought we were going to win. It wasn’t the case, but we can build on this and take a lot of confidence from it.”

So for Spurs fans, was this result a sign that things are on the up or just the latest in a series of disappointments and gut-wrenching results?