Will Gus and Dennis Ever Truly Gain The Backing Of The Leeds Fans?

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This time COS reader Jack can’t shake the feeling that Leeds’ dynamic duo aren’t quite safe yet.

In my opinion Den and Gus have been one positive in a very negative couple of months, maybe even years at Leeds United . Dont get me wrong I think Kevin Blackwell did brilliant for the club while he was at ER , But it was time to move on for Kevin and I backed Bates’s decision to sack Blackwell. Wise and Poyet were definetly not my first choice and I was very apprehensive upon their arrival. But I feel Blackwell had left a very dejected and divided dressing room. Wise and Poyet had all this and a club sliding down the table to deal with . Yes Wise and Gus couldnt ‘Stop the Rot’ But I think the signing of Alan Thompson was a big positive and showed the fans we could still sign ‘Big’ Players. Yes we were relegated from The Championship and Wise and Poyet came under massive criticism.

They took this all and it pushed them to defy their critics and get straight back to the Championship. 9 out of 10 -15 Points wiped out. Wise and Gus have a positive dressing room and some great League One players. The fans turning out week in week out and breaking records for attendances at this level and two of our players are top goalscorers in League One. All these things signal are brilliant for a club back on the up, but somehow I don’t feel Wise and Gus have gained the backing of many of the fans.

Can Gus and Dennis win them over beyond getting them in the seats to watch games, or am I just crazy?