If Martin Jol Leaves Tottenham For Ajax Then Everybody Wins

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Mr. C ponders an opportunity for a clean break.

In the space of 5 weeks, the Tottenham Chairman has gone from hero to zero and why some of us had always had doubts of the man’s credentials it looks like he is finally going to be let off the hook and from the most unlikely of sources.

Nobody was hurt more than Dan Levy when Frank Arnesen defected to Chelsea and quite rightly so took them to the cleaners with a £8m settlement. Martin Jol also felt let down by Arnesen as he had a few weeks previous persuaded him to ignore the overtures of the Ajax job to stay and finish the job…isn’t it kind of ironic that these three clubs could be involved again in a merry go round which will see Henk Ten Cate move on to Chelsea, Jol finally being put out of his misery by taking the Ajax job and Levy will be relieved that he doesn’t have to fork out in excess of £6m to get rid of a man clearly has no faith in.

It is the ultimate win, win situation for all parties, with Jol leaving with dignity and the Spurs board saving a shed load of cash. As Spurs fan I don’t think I would ever be in a position where I would want to thank Chelsea for what in my opinion will be saving Tottenham’s season.

After a disastrous start to the season which has only seen three victories in all competitions and an appalling result in Cyprus it is clear that Jol is a dead man walking. There is this great myth that is obviously coming out of the Dutchman’s PR machine that the players are all behind the man…is it just coincidence that the only players backing the manager in the press are the ones who lets face it can only be described as his favourites in Paul Robinson, Jermain Jenas and Robbie Keane.

All three players have had atrocious start to the season especially Robinson and Jenas but even after his brace against Liverpool he is primarily in the team because he is captain which adds an unfair factor into our four striker rotation. The reaction of the players when Jermain got his first goal against the Cypriots was a big two fingers up at Jol and you can tell in his face he didn’t like it.

It is clear for all Spurs fans that there could be light at the end of this tunnel and we may salvage something from this season. It will benefit all parties involved and Jol will finally get the chance in a poor league to maybe reach a CL place. Mr Levy you’re a very lucky man.