QPR Win And Somehow Attract a Rather Famous New Fan

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A Monday night Championship game between two relegation threatened clubs is not the most attractive proposition, but then maybe COS isn’t the best judge. For it seems Loftus Road is the new Groucho Club.

Who should be at last night’s QPR v Norwich game? We’ll let that famous gossip sheet the Mirror take up the story:

“The best entertainment in the first half was watching the packed directors’ box. The home side won that match-up as well with Norwich’s cookery goddess Delia Smith not quite matching up in the glamour stakes to [QPR director Flavio] Briatore’s former girlfriend Naomi Campbell and It Girl Tamara Beckwith.”

Well alright, Tamara Beckworth is a bit rubbish but Naomi Campbell is a bit of a scoop. All this fuss and just because the girl won’t pay for Setanta.

Now you may say that this has nothing to do with football and shouldn’t be on a football website. You would probably be right too, but we will tell you now that this is the greatest indicator yet of the standard of signing Bernie and Flav will be hoping to attract in January.