Who was the most disruptive player ever at your club?

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After Roman Abramovich’s full time translator and part time footballer Andriy Shevchenko threw his toys out of the pram last week when he wasn’t selected in Chelsea’s victory over Valencia, we have to wonder what more he can do to rock the boat. Shevchenko, although by no means the only reason for the Special One’s departure, was a deep fissure between Owner and Manager. And what makes this worse is that the Ukranian hasn’t exactly been setting the world alight at Stamford Bridge. Right now, in fact, Shevchenko occupies the same place on the shelf of life as chocolate teapots and male nipples, he is completely useless.

So we want to open it up to you, the readers, who has been the most disruptive influence on your club. Perhaps he was someone not even wanted by the manager (Sheva) or maybe he was meant to be the final piece in the jigsaw but he upset the balance so much that the team ended up taking a nosedive (Asprilla), whatever the case , we want to know – which player were you glad to see the back of?