Chelsea and Manchester United Stars Predict Each Other’s Failure This Season

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The Sun has today given us a wonderful double scoop today, a veritable blunderbuss of a story. In the red corner, step-over and dive king Cristiano Ronaldo, and in the blue corner cry baby Drogba.

First they tell us that Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that Chelsea have no chance of winning anything this season (not much surprise there). Ronny, pausing before telling us about his ideal “dream date” said:

“Chelsea without Mourinho are a completely different team. They are always a good team but I have the personal feeling that it will not be a good season for the Blues.”


Then The Sun gives us another classic; Chelsea player Didier Drogba has hit back in a separate article saying that Ronaldo’s huge 23 goals last season was just a fluke, or maybe down to ‘rhythm’. Drogba said:

“I do not believe Cristiano Ronaldo has the rhythm to follow up last season’s achievements. He is not a machine.”

Maybe not, but he is beautiful. Or at least he believes he is, which is in no way super creepy.