Kaka chooses Manchester United and Arsenal over “less creative” Chelsea and Liverpool

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AC Milan’s Brazilian superstar, Kaka, which apparently means taking a dump in a few languages – has said that he is extremely happy at Milan but if that ever changed, he would ponder a move to Spain or England (what, not Scotland?), and more specifically Arsenal or Manchester United.

“I’m very happy at Milan – and I don’t expect that situation to change,” he said

“But if you want to talk hypothetically, if I were ever to leave it would have to be for a club of equal stature – and I think I would only find that in England or Spain.

“Manchester United are a wonderful side … I like Arsenal too.”

But fear not, those hoping that Chelsea or Liverpool would get to break their rather hefty transfer records. Kaka also managed to pay respect to the man who masterminded a classic victory over his own club in the 2005 Champions League final, and also reveal that he is apparently unaware Jose Mourinho is no longer at Chelsea,

“As for Chelsea and Liverpool, they are more tactically-oriented; they base themselves on solidity and organisation. They are maybe less creative, but they have good managers. I especially admire (Rafael) Benitez.”

Just think if Liverpool signed Kaka, then we’d be treated to Torres, Gerrard and Kaka lining up in the same team once or twice a season.