Michael Ballack Is Happy To Take Chelsea’s Money For A Few More Years

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In the midst of the rubble and wreckage, claims and spiteful counter-claims, one man is standing tall, proclaiming his loyalty and his desire to stay with Chelsea until his ankles crumble; who is that man you ask…it is Michael Ballack. What? Yes, he does still ply his trade at Stamford Bridge apparently,

Ballack said:

“I feel very happy here and would like to end my career here,”

“Although I want to end my career at Chelsea, if I am still fit when my contract runs out, why should I not play on for another two years?”

Ballack, like Andriy Shevchenko, is a personification of the Abramovich-Mourinho row. A player with a big name, big wage packet, and a big disappointment ont he pitch. Already, Shevchenko hasn’t done much to prove Jose wrong even to the point that Grant seems to have already abandoned the former European Player of the Year so it’s up to Michael to step up.

But just earlier this season, it seemed that Chelsea were willing to pretend the midfielder was injured to avoid having to play him so to hear him pledging his future to the club is a bit confusing. Well, until someone reminds you he’s on 100K a week. We’d do unspeakable acts for that kind of money, to puppies.