Crystal Palace Now Have Two Complete Nutters In Charge

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Simon Jordan has wasted little time in replacing Peter Taylor, bringing in tabloid favourite Neil ‘soundbite’ Warnock. But it isn’t all good news Warnock fans, for he told a ‘packed’ press-conference:

“This will be my last job.”

Say it ain’t so Neil, how will we cope?

Simon Jordan then outlined how their relationship would work:

“If Neil needs something and he has a good reason for it, he will get it. If he does not have a good reason for it, then he won’t.

“But I know Neil is determined to do a good job. I always used to benchmark our progress I at Palace by the results we had against Neil Warnock’s Sheffield United.

“I know I have the right man. It is the dream ticket. We both say what we mean and we mean what we say.”

Is that a dream ticket, or just an argument waiting to happen?