Manchester United Legend Replaced By Manchester City Star, Oh The Irony

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Lost in all the coverage of England’s key fixture against Estonia is the news that Gary Neville’s return to Manchester United action has been put on hold again. Poor Bumfluff Nev, once the dependable second name on the England team-sheet, now nothing more than a footnote on BBC sport.

Of course he will work his way back into the United team at somepoint before Christmas but it seems doubtful that we will ever see him turning out for England again as Manchester City’s manboy Micah Richards continues to make massive strides on the pitch, literally. While the Neviller may have benefitted from ten years of being the only adaquet English right-back (Danny Mills? Luke Young?) he has finally met his match in Sven’s manbeast, and lost without kicking a ball.

And replaced by a Man City player, that must be a knife to the heart of old Red Nev.

But while he spent a decade not getting the credit he deserved for his always reliable work for England (can you name a big mistake he made for his country? Allowing his brother to play football doesn’t count), let’s salute him now as he leaves the England fold.

Then again, Stevie Mac did call Paul Robinson “England’s Peter Schmeichel” so maybe all hope is not lost.