Where Should Peter Crouch Go After Liverpool: Tottenham? Manchester City? Newcastle?

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The Daily Mail thinks that Peter Crouch could be on his way out of Anfield, but with Rafa’s rotation policy in full swing, and Crouchigol only getting a tiny piece of the playing pie – will anyone at Liverpool actually miss him? This season Crouch has made started just one paltry League game his solitary goal came against Toulouse in the second leg of the Champions League qualifier. Added to this Crouch is currently languishing behind Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt and Andriy Voronin in Rafa’s Lunar Rotation Calendar and he hasn’t been so much rotated as frozen out.

Crouch cost Liverpool £7m when he moved to Anfield from Southampton two years ago and it is understood that Liverpool wouldn’t turn their noses up to just £8m, partly to do with the fact that Crouch will only have 18 months left on his contract in January and is unlikely to re-sign with everything but the kitchen sink waiting in line for a turn up front. £8m represents great value for a striker with a robust scoring record, especially in comparison to the £11.5m shelled out for Yakubu and the £16m frittered away on bench warmer Darren Bent.

Another question is, does anyone want Peter Crouch? We know that David Moyes would probably eat Everton’s new training ground to get hold of a goal-scoring striker and target man like Crouch but we can safely say that he wont be going there, anyone else? Ah! Apparently Sven, when not cavorting around with skip firm temptresses , is salivating over lanky Peter Crouch. The Mail thinks that the Swede will be able to bag the lanky striker for in January, but would anyone bet against Sam Allardyce getting in the ear of the ideal ‘long pass’ recipient and providing Obafemi Martins and Michael Owen with some quality knock-downs? If Dimitar Berbatov buggers off to Manchester United, will Martin Jol look at the former Spurs man as a different kind of option to add to his four man team up front?

So would you want Peter Crouch at your club?