Will Tottenham or Arsenal’s New Striker Have The Bigger Impact This Season?

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North London rivals Tottenham and Arsenal are facing two very different problems. Whilst Spurs are scratching their heads over Bent’s injury and bench-warming ridden start, Arsenal are giving their new striker time to settle.

Spurs fans are wondering why they blew so much dosh on Darren Bent, a player who doesn’t look like ever breaking the Berbatov-Keane cartel, and who now looks like his pricetag should be equal to a bedsit in Croydon rather than a mansion in Beverly Hills. First team football is clearly the only way he can prove himself, but given that Martin Jol expects Jermain Defoe to earn his place by scoring a hattrick in the 10 minutes he gives each game, we’re guessing Bent is under the same expectations. Don’t play, can’t score. Don’t score, can’t play. A true catch-22 in the football world.

Arsenal meanwhile, are supporting new boy Eduardo da Silva, with William Gallas declaring that the Croatian will be an unqualified success. Gallas said:

“He gave his best to settle quickly in The Premier League which is not that easy on the family and language level.I think that it is the most difficult thing when you discover a new league and a new culture. When I moved to England my wife and the kids came after three weeks or a month later.”

Will Croat Da Silva settle at Arsenal faster than it takes Bent to hit form after his move all the way from south London to north London? And while Darren Bent’s lack of playing time has been met with muffled excuses from the Spurs backroom, Gallas is open about Da Silva, and thinks he will hit form soon. Gallas continued:

” When you are on your own you ask yourself questions on your sporting performances. In such moments you have to feel mentally strong. Eduardo is not a different person. Everybody has to go through this. I can reassure Arsenal fans that he is a talented striker. We will see the Eduardo we know from Croatia in a couple of months.”

Two new strikers, two very different road bumps in their new careers, so any bets as to who will finish first in the race to impress in North London?