Arsenal Starlet Ready To Walk Away From The Club

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Getting a bit Arsenal heavy today, but when you’re a slave to the news you go with what you can. With Cesc Fabregas’ agent already inviting a bid from Barcelona, Nicklas Bendtner has told Arsene Wenger to pick him or he’ll go somewhere else, a simple enough manifesto – but it is rather hard to see Wenger changing his current attacking lineup. The 19 year old young ‘un, buoyed by his Geography Field Trip to Birmingham last season, has come back with some high falootin’ ideas, presumably a result of spending too much time with Steve Bruce in close quarters. Bendtner said : ”

It is obvious that I don’t want to spend the next two seasons sitting on the bench.I will stay with Arsenal for the time being, to try my luck. But if it doesn’t work out I will look to make a permanent move to another club.”

Bendtner is really the first Arsenal youngster to lash out at their relative place in the pecking order at the Emirates, but is an excellent prospect. Just as Arsene Wenger has made a living nicking talented, if not entirely satisfied, youngsters from other clubs there are plenty in the Premier League who would do well to monitor events at the Emirates.