John Collins decides not to betray Hibernian for Queens Park Rangers, what a nice guy.

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Hibernian manager John Collins has told The Scotsman (that’s a paper, not a person) that he turned down the advances of Flavio Briatiore and QPR like a sniffy girl in the Met Bar.

“There was something, but it was just a phone call. But that’s done, it’s in the past and it won’t be happening.

He said with a swish of his hair, before banging a clenched fist on the table and adding:

“I have a job to do here and I intend to see it through.”

This news should be met with more than a hint of mourning from QPR fans, who almost got their hands on a proper, good-style manager but now are likely to be left with a big-name friend of Flav (no not Naomi) to manage their millions.