Manchester City boss Was Not Particularly Impressed With Rio Ferdinand or John Terry, Apparently

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Are Chelsea’s John Terry and Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand that bad? Manchester City boss Sven Goran Eriksson is telling anyone that’ll listen that Micah Richards is the best thing since Swedish tv presenters named ‘Ulrika’. The part-time Dracula impersonator says he’s never ever ever worked with a defender as talented as Micah Richards.

Eriksson said that Micah Richards is a general all round superstar and has amazing powers of recovery even when he makes a mistake, unlike lazy Rio who just tries to style it out after he makes a gaffe. Sven said:

“He has been excellent for England and Manchester City – whether at full-back or centre- back, he’s been excellent. He is so strong but quick as well. I have never seen a defender like him who can make a mistake but still be quick enough to recover.”

Terry’s a bit of a lump, but we figured Rio or a younger Sol Campbell might have been able to achieve similar feats. But Richards has been a force of nature this season, wonder if Sven would have had the balls to start him for England or maybe just bring him along for a Walcott-esque holiday.