Plymouth boss in awe of Manchester United’s attitude to the little man

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Ian Holloway’s always sallacious and near the knuckle BBC column this week revealed exactly why Alex Ferguson is such a successful manager:

“He’s brilliant because you can leave him a message and within 10 minutes he’s getting back to you. Imagine the number of phone calls he gets and still being that efficient.”

Calling someone back in 10 minutes when you have to run the biggest football club in the world may seem a bit odd, but Olly has seen the light…

It makes you quite humble really – if he can do it then we should all be able to. So that’s my new target – can I get back to people quicker than Sir Alex Ferguson does? If you want to be as good as him you’ve got to be able to do those things and that’s the measure of the man.”

Maybe the yokel Oscar Wilde would be a bit quicker if he wasn’t whoring himself out to the media at every given oppotunity. But yeah, forget being a good manager through tactical nous or astute signings, answering the phone quickly – that’s the way forward.