Scotland Hoping Everton Star Can Pull It Out Of His Backside Again

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Scottish head honcho Alex McLeish is counting on James McFadden to grab yet another flukey punt mircaculous winner, this time against the Ukraine today. McFadden scored a wonder-goal against France in Paris, and now the sometimes skillfull, sometime clodhopping, striker has been told to do it all over again. McFadden already scored for Everton against Metalist Kharkiv a couple of weeks ago, now he has to do it again.

McLeish said of the Everton enigma:

“He is a humble type and won’t think of himself as a superstar all of a sudden. He is probably embarrassed about the whole thing but I’d love it if he could embarrass himself and score again.”

We were expecting McLeish to come to training half naked, draped in a bit tartan with fear inducing blue face-paint daubed over his face – invoking the Braveheart spirit, instead the Scottish boss did the usual defeatist Scottish thing. McLeish then went on to say that even if they did get drubbed today, it would be a painful kick in the goolies, but they could recover..
McLeish said:

“I don’t think it’s do or die.We can still qualify if we don’t win this game, of course we can. We could get six points from our last three games and still miss out but with seven we would go through. It would certainly be a kick below the belt if we miss out now.”

So can Scotland do this, or will they again be left doubled over, clutching their dented gonads, whilst Italy and France trot off to Euro 2008?