Jurgen Klinsmann Interested In Tottenham Job, Time To Pull The Trigger?

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Would you trade in your old nackered ogre, Martin Jol, for a spanking new German efficient machine – Jurgen Klinsmann. Jol’s record this season is pretty atrocious, and unless his can turn things round pretty sharpish he wont be around for much longer — Klinsmann, on the other hand, with his Tottenham pedigree and his team’s great performance in the World Cup could be the perfect replacement. Could Jurgen bring 4th place to the Lane?

The Observer is today reporting that Jurgen Klinsmann is ready to start talking with Tottenham about taking over. Klinsmann has been biding his time for some while but is now ready to dive (haha!) in with his beloved Spurs. Now everyone is asking, will Klinsmann reignite Tottenham romance?

It is alleged that last week Jurgen contacted Enic’s principal investor, Joe Lewis, to find out whether they were planning to sell their shares in Tottenham, and give control to someone else. Klinsmann is understood to have asked Lewis for a guarantee that he would not let a takeover happen in the next three years – on the other hand if Enic were prepared to sell then Klinsmann is understood to be happy to jump in bed with the new owners, as long as he is kept in the loop.

Tottenham have had a series of ex-players whose legend status was somewhat sullied by their managerial displays, Ardiles and his attacking football as well as Glenn Hoddle, both failed to work out. Klinsmann would bring progressive training techniques and a proven willingness to make tough decisions (see his squad selection and training regime that got him laughed at in Germany, but ultimately proved decisive).

But is he worth ousting Martin Jol?