Last Stop Norwich For Former Arsenal, West Ham and Celtic Star

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There has been a lot of rubbish spoken about John Hartson; he’s fat, he’s ginger, he once stole sheep. The usual kind of things.

But as his career slowly draws to a halt with a move to the rather tepid Norwich City, let’s take a moment to consider a damn good target man. The peak? Well, not many people remember that Hartson scored in the Cup Winners Cup Final (in fact not many remember the Cup Winners Cup) and he wasn’t too shabby at Arsenal at all.

Then he went on to barge his way around the Premiership to much affect for a decade or so, saving West Ham from certain relegation at one point. So, he almost brained Eyal Berkovitch? But really, the Israeli midfielder was last seen wearing a leather suit at an England game, so mabe Johnno had a point.

Anyway, enough of the facts, heres the prediction. Hartson is just what you need as a stuggling Championship side and he will be awesome for Norwich, won’t get the credit he deserves though. As always.