Tottenham’s Calamity Paul or Arsenal’s Mad Jens – who would you choose?

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Which of these two bumbling ‘keepers would you entrust with goalkeeping responsibilities at your club? Whilst Robinson adds to his horrendous error portfolio pretty much every time he plays, Lehmann stood out like a sore thumb at Arsenal, doing a very passable Richard “Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em” Wright impersonation.

Englands #1 gaffe king, Paul Robinson, has seen as many clean sheets as an inveterate bedwetter this season but, perhaps buoyed by McClaren’s “he’s our Schmeichel” rhubarb, Robbo thinks he can handle the Russians, especially with the help of some leggings.
Robinson told the Daily Mail:

“I am going to wear some kind of leggings or tracksuit bottoms to prevent burns and grazes. They will also help me slide across the top of the astroturf rather than dive and just stop still. The only thing is the way the ball bounces. As silly as it sounds, they may water the pitch but that will bring the ball on to you and it will be better for goalkeepers.”

On the other side, Jehns Lehmann has had an atrocious season, and is now playing second fiddle to Manuel Almunia – both of these goons could be dropped in goal and they’d still concede goals like it was going out of fashion. Whereas Robbo and Jens are both prone to regular mistakes, Jens has the market cornered in egotistical lunacy. Robinson may be confidently predicting a masterful performance between the sticks, whilst cavorting around the goal in leggings, but Lehmann actually thinks he is still Arsenal’s #1… So which of these two would you go for?