Former Newcastle and Manchester City Boss Kevin Keegan Now Runs A Circus

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Despite her show having less viewers than Stan Collymore in a cap park, Gabby Logan gets the odd good interview on Inside Sport. This week she nabbed former Newcastle and Manchester City boss Kevin Keegan, who is apparently running “interactive football attraction Soccer Circus in Glasgow”… ok…

Whatever it may be, Keegan is too worried about his interactive circus to consider a return to football, apparently:

“I don’t think it will happen, I think my life has gone in a different direction.”

He said while practicing his interactive trapeze work.

“You never know, I mean I do get offers to go back into football, but I made a decision that I would come and do something different with my life.”

Added Keven before spraying Gabby with an interactive joke flower, and then continuing his anti-football rant:

“I mean I haven’t watched a game of football, I mean live, since my last game at Manchester City and I can’t even remember what game that was now.”

This probably reflects more on his lack of attention to detail in management than anything else. but that is why we miss him. So he was a chancer, he couldn’t defend a three goal lead, he liked Maggie Thatcher, but he was at least fun which is more than can be said for the current managers of Newcastle, Fulham, England or Manchester City.

Many fans still consider him a legend for the work he did at their clubs, would any of them welcome him back though?