Scotland need to have Georgia on their mind before thinking about Italy game

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The British Isle’s best team, Scotland, are two games away from qualifying from the group of certain and painful death. But while Italy are a final opponent to be feared, the away trip to Georgia could be qually tough, if you listen to Scotland coach Andy Watson:

“We would take anything in Tbilisi, they are a good team in front of their own supporters. It’s going to be very difficult and we need to make sure the guys are very much up for it.”

That’s not the fighting talk that Mel Gibson’s Braveheart William Wallace died for, but wait, there is a reason for Watson’s cagey approach.

“They are starting to bring in one or two of their younger players, which gives you the problem that possibly we don’t know them quite so well. But there is no doubt on their own turf – and they will have almost 60,000 supporters backing them – that they will hope they can do well.”

Come on Watson, you can do better than that. You just beat Ukraine and France, now is not the time for excuses.

But do you think Watson is right? Do they have more chance of success at home to Italy than away to Georgia?