Blackburn Midfielder Savages Wales’ John Toshack

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Floppy-haired imbecile Fan Favourite and darling of the footballing community, Robbie Savage, has urged John Toshack to give up the ghost and quit as Wales gaffer. One suspects that the fact that Savage hasn’t featured in the Wales team since Toshack took over might have something to do with the floppy haired agent provocateurs outburst, then again it might have something to do with the fact that Wales got done by little nippers Cyprus 3-1 on Saturday.

When asked about Toshack, Savage flicked his hair and snarled:

“I honestly feel that Wales are going nowhere.John’s been in the job three years and he said to judge him after the European qualifying campaign and we’re second from bottom.You’ve got players like John Oster and Danny Collins playing regularly in the Premier League and they can’t get in the squad. It’s amazing.”

Time for Toshack to go? Savage certainly thinks so. Meanwhile in the shaky looking Toshack Towers, the Wales boss is conducting a smoke and mirrors damage limitation exercise; namely blaming the players.

Toshack said:

“The players will say they do care and it is rubbish to say they don’t. But did it look like they cared? It didn’t look like it to me.I was in charge of that team, and people will look at me and wonder what I was doing. That hurts my pride. I’d hope some of them feel the same – but I’m not sure that they do.”

Toshack continued the tirade on the spoilt Welsh brats saying:

“This is a young group and I don’t like some of the things that I see. ‘Another five-star hotel boys, here we are in Rimini now.Look out the window, if the waves are making a noise in the evening, just phone down and we’ll see if we can move you over to one of the rooms on the other side of the hotel’.We have a chef with us now who makes the food. They travel well wherever they go. There are doctors, physios, kit men, masseurs lugging skips about, taking equipment down the training ground and putting it down for them.Sometimes I feel some of these take it for granted and I don’t like that and won’t accept it.”

But what is Wales problem? They finally get rid of Ryan Giggs, a man who turns up for internationals if and when he feels like it, and then the rest of the team continue his lethargic legacy. In reality it isn’t just Wales, international football is disappearing off the bottom the modern players’ to-do list. They’d much prefer to spend the week off at hanging out with Danielle Lloyd or looking for a new Baby Bentley.

Hmm, sounds quite good actually…