Is an Aston Villa Player “Tapping Up” Liverpool’s Riise?

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Almost as startling as the news that plans are underway to turn Brokeback Mountain into a musical is the claim by tepid-form striker John Carew that flaming ginger John Arne Riise wants to leave Liverpool. To be fair to the blazingly red Norwegian he has been with Liverpool for eight seasons, and has probably got a touch of motion sickness with the endless rotation he has had to endure. One Saturday he could be in bed watching Football Focus and dining on Nutella flavoured canapés, and the next Saturday he could be facing Manchester United at Old Trafford with Rafa screeching at him from the bench – can you imagine what that does to a man? If you can, then are you John Arne Riise?

Anyway, Carew, is telling anyone that will listen that his buddy wants a move away from Liverpool. When asked if Riise could move to Villa, Carew said:

“It seems like John Arne wants to go, so I can’t see why not. There is a possibility. He would fit in very well at Villa, so that would be a positive.”

Do Villa need an left back? After all they have… um… err, well yeah suppose they do.