Liverpool, Scotland and Everton Are Making Life Difficult For One Supporter

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Peter ponders Cyprus, Scotland and Merseyside allegiances.

As a half Scottish and half Cypriot raised in London come international week it’s difficult to place my allegiances. Some might say it’s easy, just support the team that’s doing the best or better yet support both Cyprus and Scotland. As a purist though I believe you can only support one team and one country so who do I support? I never lived in Scotland so it’s difficult to know exactly what it means to be Scottish and now living in Cyprus I’ve come to know what being Cypriot is about so you may say I should support Cyprus but ever since I was a kid would watch Scotland with my dad (the Scottish half) and support them. After all the reason I support Liverpool is mainly to do with the fact that I’m Scottish and growing up we had Dalglish, Souness and Hansen who were 3 of the best Scottish players ever.

Another problem from living in Cyprus is that everyone here supports Greece too because of Hellenicism and so supporting Cyprus goes hand in hand with supporting the Greek national team. I’m not one to be fanaticized and although it pleased me that Greece won Euro 2004 I wasn’t in the streets with the rest of the Greek Cypriots beeping their horns and waving the Greek flags in the streets of Nicosia.

I have to admit I did become somewhat disillusioned when McBerti was put in charge and Scotland basically became a laughing stock. Since the revival under Walter Smith I haven’t missed a game in the qualifying campaign and have rediscovered my love for my country!

My main dilemma now is my feeling towards James McFadden. Being a Liverpool supporter means I can’t stand anything from the blue side of Merseyside but the young man is a bloody hero. Luckily for me David Moyes doesn’t seem to play him much so it’s been difficult for my hatred to grow but with his performances for his country it will be difficult for Moyes to ignore him. The only hope I have is that either Celtic or Rangers will come in for him but his talents will be wasted in the Scottish league and although Liverpool are a bit thin on the left for creative players I doubt Benitez will try to sign him. So where does that leave me?

Up shit creek? Well it’s not that bad, but if he plays this weekend and scores a goal or two then I’m really going to have a dilemma. Hopefully he’ll get into a huge argument with Moyes and leave.

On a brighter note, Cyprus are actually doing well and have beaten both Ireland and Wales in Cyprus. They also got a draw with Germany over here which probably means countries won’t take them so lightly from now on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Cypriot player in England soon as there are a few talented players out there. If Wales and Ireland can get players playing in the Premier League then why can’t Cyprus?