Not Good Enough For Chelsea, But Mourinho For England?

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The Times is reporting that if Steve McClaren fails to ensure England’s qualification then they will boot him into touch and try and woo José Mourinho. The severance deal with Chelsea, although forbidding him to join a Premier League club in the short term, doesn’t apply to international football, so the Special One would be able to take on what is probably the most stressful job in football, trying to turn England’s rogue millionaires into a decent team. Times reporter Martin Samuel writes:

“The FA would not make any moves officially in the aftermath of a reversal of fortune in Moscow but, internally, informal discussions regarding McClaren’s successor could be taking place as early as this week, if the result went wrong.”

Samuel thinks that Mourinho would be the logical choice, given his stupendous trophy haul, and more importantly that he doesn’t vomit into his mouth when thinking about managing England. Whereas most managers hate the English press, Mourinho seemed to revel in the spotlight – something that will only get even more intense if he was to take the reigns at England. Samuel writes:

“Mourinho’s name would be certain to feature heavily in conversations within and without Soho Square, were that the case. He is readily available and has a tremendous track record in English and continental football. Winner of back-to-back Premier League titles with Chelsea, the FA Cup and two League Cups, he previously landed an unlikely Champions League triumph with Porto, dominated the Portuguese league and has an excellent reputation as a motivator and coach. Unlike other foreign coaches who have enjoyed success in English football, he has not rejected a future move to the international game and working with England could appeal. He was known to be supportive of the national cause during his time with Chelsea.”

So even if England’s boys get trounced on plastic, they could be getting the managerial opposite of Avram Grant soon, a young, qualified, trophy laden manager.