Didier Drogba: I’ve Wanted To Leave Chelsea Since I Arrived

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Given his stunning form over the past year and his club’s rather crap start to the season without him, much has been made of Didier Drogba’s importance to Chelsea’s attack. Without him they seem to lack a cutting edge and he provides an easy target and outlet when they are short on ideas. Unsurprisingly, the dreaded ‘one man team’ accusation has been rolled out by envious rivals.

Well looks like Drogba himself is out to change that, reports all over the net are quoting the big lass lad as saying,

“I want to leave Chelsea,” he has told France Football – which will publish the full interview on Friday.

“Nothing can stop me from leaving now. Something is broken with Chelsea.

“The damage in the dressing room is big because we know now what happened and who caused Mourinho’s departure.”

“Since the day I arrived, I wanted to leave Chelsea and then again every summer,” he said.

“I know that Ronaldinho and Kaka are linked to come next season but even that won’t change my mind,” he continued.

Not the best news, or the best way to phrase the news, for Chelsea fans although Drogba has hardly seemed like a devoted Blue for a while now. The club, though, seems optimistic,

A statement issued by the club on their official website read: “Didier Drogba signed a new four-year contract last year.

“As a top professional we are sure Didier is committed to Chelsea and intends to honour that contract.”

Yeah, fair enough. Top professionals like Drogba would never walk out on a contract, or dive like a big diving thing with stupid hair. Chelsea fans can all sleep easy.