The England Blame Game: Tottenham’s Robinson, Liverpool’s Gerrard, Manchester United’s Ferdinand, Rooney

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The players were clearly hoping that the plastic pitch was going to bring on some blame, but as it is the guilty looking lads lining up are Robbo, Ferdinand, and Rooney.
Paul Robinson – crapper than an old sailors unwiped arse? Stevie G has given his esteemed opinion on Paul Robinson’s latest snaffoo and only just reigned in his contempt for Robinson after last night’s 2-1 defeat in Russia. To call Robinson accident prone would be like calling Jack the Ripper a naughty boy, and it was clear from the post match interview where Steve McClaren unveiled his hair torn out ‘look’ that Robbo has been the cause of many a sleepless night .

Stevie G ignored the fact that he missed a complete sitter himself, dusted off his “it was the keeper’s fault but I’ll be polite” speech, and grumbled:

“Paul will feel disappointed with the second goal. It’s unthinkable to have a European Championship finals without England, and as players we have to take responsibility. But the penalty decision turned the whole game. Now we’re waiting on other people to do us favours. I can’t believe it’s out of our hands. We worked so hard to put ourselves in the driving seat. Football’s a cruel game and decisions and mistakes change games.”

But others were keen to blame Rooney, although he scored what has been lauded as his best goal in an England shirt he was responsible for England’s tumble into free fall after he did his best impression of a sabre-toothed tiger leaping on a wilderbeast – and Roon, not the sharpest tool in the box, decided to do this right on the edge of the area. He obviously has the same slow delayed reaction mental processes as Dida – and upon realizing that he was about to make a huge mistake , Rooney pulled his arms away and leapt over his prey in a vain attempt to look innocent. Daydreaming Rio Ferdinand can count himself lucky not to have had more blame foisted on him by the press today, when he tried to track back for Russia’s second goal he looked like he was doing a slo-mo Hollywood beach run for Baywatch rather than playing International football.

McClaren is the obvious candidate here but in the name of joining in the player-on-player mudslinging, who should we be burning effigies of?