Arsenal To Become The Saviour Of The England Team, Seriously?

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It was Arsenal’s AGM and a big unveiling was planned – a bronze bust of Arsene Wenger – complete with schoolboy parting and slightly off centre tie. Arsene modestly said that the bronze bust, to go alongside Herbert Chapman’s was: “I am very touched, but it is too big an honour for me,”.

But after the news was revealed that Robin van Persie would be out for four weeks, manager Arsene Wenger lifted the mood by basically declaring himself the savior of English Football. Yes boys and girls, unbeknownst to Steve McFailure, Arsene has a choice selection of Arsenal kids ripening up for brilliance. It would be rather annoyingly ironic if the man whose transfer strategy and squad selection has been held up by rival (bitter) fans as an example of how clubs can harm the national team then goes and produces England’s finest.

Wenger said:

“We are doing good work with the young players.We have some good first years and the young generation — yes, an English generation — is very promising, very good.We hope in a few years to have a strong English base here, players to mix with the players from abroad. We want to bring through domestic players, especially after the result in Russia!”

Aside from the Van Persie news, it was generally a night of backslapping and revelry. Wenger now has a bust, Arsenal have a crop of young English geniuses, and the Board have announced a “lock down” on their shares which will make them “bullet proof” to the unwanted advances of greasy sausage-fingered Usmanov. Everything is so saccharine and successful at Arsenal that it is hard not to vomit.