Former Manchester United and Aston Villa Manager’s Career Continues To Slide

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Ron Atkinson is back, and to say his career has taken a nose dive is an understatement on a par with saying Ming Campbell may not be the next Prime Minister. For Ron has shown his orange head at Halesowen Town.

The former star of Big Ron Manager will be:

“presented before the club’s FA Trophy first qualifying round match with Brackley Town on Saturday.”

Illustrious stuff. And the worst bit? Ron isn’t even the manager, he will be the assistant to new Halesowen manager Morell Maison. Insert your own joke about Big Ron/morals etc. here, we can’t be bothered, it’s almost the weekend.

But all this Ron talk has got us a bit nostalgic for the days when he wasn’t a job-seeking lower league hack. What was your favourite Ron moment (no, not that one)? When he counted Denilson’s lollipops, when he got in the wrong dugout at Forest? When he almost won Villa the title? When started making racist comments on live television?